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Sunday, 28 February 2016

Clitoral Phimosis

I saw a patient recently who complained of reduced sexual pleasure due to 'clitoral phimosis'. The term phimosis when used  among medical practitioners refers to the male aspect of phimosis where the foreskin of the penis is tight and causes problems. It was not surprising that all the doctors that she had seen before didn't understand what clitoral phimosis was and therefore were unable to treat her. This young patient was however very knowledgeable about her body and knew exactly what needed attending to so that she was able to attain the sexual pleasure that she so desired.

Although not often complained about but a very common condition which affects a woman's ability to reach a climax, clitoral phimosis is similar to her male counterpart's condition in which the skin or 'hood' over the clitoris is either excessively tight and adherent to the clitoris. Sometimes however, the reduced sensation can be due to an excessively long 'hood' which covers the clitoris. There are more nerve ending on the sides of the clitoris and during sexual stimulation, the 'hood' retracts and more of the clitoris is exposed to be stimulated.

The patient had an excessively long 'hood and it was not adherent to the clitoris. She was advised to have a 'hoodectomy', a minor procedure in which the excess skin is removed similar to a circumcision in the male counterpart.