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Monday, 13 February 2012

Why you should take HRT

Everyone knows from the media and unfortunately, faulty WHI study on the risks of HRT. The trouble is that the study was flawed in that it was done on an old age group of women who had started HRT after 60 years. Most studies since then have showed that firstly the lefetime risk of breast cancer is less than 1% which is miniscule. The risk of heart problems is also not increased as previously thought but is in fact decreased with HRT.

There are alot of benefits of HRT and women today are shying away from using it and suffering because of the 2002 WHI study and the subsequent sensationalism in the press. HRT will stop any hot flushes, depression, anxiety, prevent disc degeneration and therefore shortening of the spine and height, prevent osteoporosis or softening of the bones and therefore fractures, prevent heart problems such as heart attacks, strokes, prevent loss of libido, prevent dryness of the vagina and painful intercourse, prevent infections of the vagina, prevent loss of skin elasticity as with menopause there is a loss of collagen and that causes the skin to sag, general well being and mood elevation. So you can see that there are alot of benefits, and with the availability of bioidentical hormones now there is no reason why women should shy away from hormones. Indeed I see an increasing number of knowledgeable women in my clinic who are now experiencing the benefits of hormones.