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Friday, 10 August 2012

Severe menstrual cramps in a young lady

Today it looks like more and more younger women are suffering from endometriosis. It is known to be a disease of affluance and maybe a reflection of our societies increasing affluance and higher living standards in Singapore. Endometriosis some 10 years ago was commoner in those 40 and above but it seems that I am seeing more women in their 20's with this condition. Endometriosis or chocolate/ blood cysts can cause a great deal of damage to a woman's reproductive organs as it is almost as destructive as a cancer. Although not life threatening, it causes the pelvic structures to become `glued' together and obstructs the development and release of eggs and blocks the passage where the egg and sperm meet. I recently encountered a young lady of 29 years with this condition who was diagnosed in 2008 to have an ovarian endometriotic cyst and was supposedly cleared through a laparoscope by another gynaecologist. However when I saw her, both her ovaries were enlarged with endometriotic cysts measuring 3 cms, they were also `glued' to the back of the womb and the pelvic wall. She was having difficulty with conceiving. I did an operation to free all her reproductive structures and removed the cysts in both ovaries. We are now waiting for 3 months before she will try for a pregnancy

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